Life choices that come at retirement and continue on through the rest of life can be incredibly difficult. Families should to work together to make sure their quality of life or their family member’s quality of life is excellent throughout their golden years.

The decision to leave a life long home is not an easy one. Royal Gardens understands this and wants to provide exceptional care that helps its residents maintain as much independence as possible. People choose Royal Gardens because they offer a variety of amenities, opportunities to be involved in the surrounding community and care and assistance that can be customized to residents’ needs.

Individual Apartments with Community Amenities

Royal Gardens has ideal layouts for studio or one bedroom apartments. The grounds include four acres of outdoor space with maintained gardens and accessible pathways. The facilities include an onsite hair salon, library and community movie room, as well as community gathering spaces. The elegant, yet comfortable dining room offers meals and snacks that are tailored to individual dietary needs.

Surrounding Camarillo

While there is plenty to do right on the property of Royal Gardens, the staff also makes it easy to go on excursions to surrounding Camarillo. There is a full concierge service and a shuttle service that helps residents enjoy dinning, attractions and shopping in the thriving Camarillo community. Royal Gardens is also a short distance to the beach so residents can relax on day trips to the ocean.

Easy accessibility to beautiful Camarillo’s many amenities make Royal Gardens and ideal place to enjoy retirement. Camarillo’s ideal climate is also enticing. Most days are sunny and temperate with a gentle, cool ocean breeze. Residents can comfortably enjoy hours of outdoor recreation, which is good for the mind and the body.

Care Choices

An article from PBS suggests that families considering assisted living need to evaluate what level of care a resident may need. Every individual requires different levels of assistance with tasks required for daily living. Royal Gardens offers varying levels of care including full or stand-by support for bathing, grooming and dressing. Services also include meal delivery and medication management. The staff can also provide incontinence management with dignity and care. For off-site medical care, Royal Gardens will assist with arranging appointments, providing transportation and escorting residents to appointments as needed. The staff regularly and discreetly checks in with residents to ensure they are healthy and thriving.

Physical therapy is available on site, as well as opportunities for fitness activities. A nursing staff is available to perform blood sugar and blood pressure level checks. They can also attend to other routine medical needs.

Memory Care

If dementia or memory loss is a concern, Royal Gardens can evolve as residents’ needs require. For residents that can still manage most of their daily living activities, a simple check-in, reminders and redirection can be offered by the staff to help the individual continue to live independently. If struggles with memory loss or dementia become too severe to manage daily living safely, a resident can relocate to “The Meadows.” This facility is specifically equipped to provide the best living environment for those suffering from dementia. The staff is also highly trained in the many issues that arise with memory loss in order to provide the best care and quality of life for these residents.

Dignity and Independence

People choose Royal Gardens because they offer the dignity of independent living with a high quality of care. The staff is attentive to residents’ needs without being intrusive. They are willing to work with families to make the best decisions about the most effective care for residents.