As families face the possibilities of transitioning into a new home there can be a lot of anxiety involved with making the best decision. No one wants to leave a family home and there are often fears that already waning independence will be even further removed. However, there are endless benefits to assisted living that can ensure the health and well being for residents and their families.

Removing Relational Strain

An article from A Place For Mom suggests that relationships between parents and children often become strained when children become the primary caregiver. It can be stressful for adult children to be responsible for their parent’s health. Conversely, parents can often feel ashamed when they require their children’s assistance for daily living tasks.

Moving to assisted living can remove the role reversal strain on relationships. Children can focus on spending quality time enjoying their parents and parents can remain the parent for their adult child.


Loss of independence is often the fear when moving to an assisted living facility, however the services assisted living facilities provide often allow for more independence. Residents can move about their community easily with provided transportation rather than worrying about driving. There are more opportunities for social interaction and relationships than when they are isolated in the home. Opportunities for entertainment and activities are plentiful.

Social interaction and opportunities to be out and about in the community can help sharpen the mind and keep the body healthier longer. Adults that are isolated in their home often feel lonely or desire more social interaction.

Freedom from Homeowner Responsibility

Homeowners need to care for their home and property. This can become an immense job for someone who is struggling physically. Mowing the lawn, keeping up with maintenance, even regular chores like vacuuming can become extremely taxing.

In an assisted living facility no one needs to worry about taking care of the lawn, changing lightbulbs, or even cleaning. Laundry services make sure residents have fresh bedding every week. language translator . Cleaning services provide well cared for and worry free living spaces. Assisted living allows residents more time to enjoy social events, excursions, time with family and hobbies without worrying about daily living chores.


Assisted living can ensure that residents are getting healthy meals everyday. Often older adults eat what is easy instead of what is healthy. Health can decline significantly when older adults don’t get balanced meals everyday. Residents can eat well and not have to worry about preparation or cleanup.

Medication and Emergency Services

Many people require more and more medications as they grow older. Keeping track of these medications can get very confusing. When medications are taken incorrectly they can cause serious problems and even death. Assisted living facilities offer staff that will keep track of medication and dole it out appropriately to residents. Residents do not have to remember what they have taken and when. domain generator This can relieve a significant burden for residents.

Emergency alert systems and regular check-ins also eliminate the possibility of injury or illness going unnoticed. The staff at assisted living facilities are trained to handle emergencies and ensure that residents receive appropriate care right away.

Making the Decision Early

Many adults seem to be much happier if they make their own decision about when to move to assisted living rather than making a move that is forced by children or the progression of illness or age. The sooner you can talk with your family about needs and wants when considering a move to an assisted living facility, the smoother the transition will be for everyone.

Remember there are different levels of care available and while you may not need much help with activities of daily living now, you might need more in the future. You may want to choose a facility that can grow with your needs. Royal Gardens can offer assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing or grooming. Royal Gardens also offers a memory care facility that is equipped to handle dementia or memory loss as it progresses.

Assisted living can relieve residents and their families of many of the stresses that come from living alone. With varying levels of care and staff with eyes that are attentive to potential needs, residents can enjoy the comfort of independent, yet community focused living in an assisted living facility.