The term assisted living covers a wide range of living situations and resident care. Assisted living allows seniors to maintain a sense of independence while varying levels of care make everyday living easier. Assisted living is not for seniors with major medical conditions that require 24 hour care or assistance.

Instead, assisted living is for seniors with minor memory problems, seniors whose physical condition may require some assistance with daily tasks such as showering and grooming, and seniors who can no longer manage caring for a home.

Removing Stressful Burdens

Assisted living is an excellent option when maintaining a home becomes too challenging. The stressful burdens of everyday living can lead to depression or despair. The difficulties associated with transportation can leave seniors feeling isolated. Assisted living still maintains independence while removing some of the hurdles of everyday living, such as cleaning, cooking and laundry.

Private Spaces

Assisted living allows residents to maintain a sense of self because it offers a private living space, the opportunity to come and go as they choose, and the option for varying levels of care. The amenities at Royal Gardens also facilitate social interaction and allow for residents to entertain guests. While three daily meals and snacks are provided, there are some units available with kitchenettes for the chef that occasionally enjoys cooking their own meal.

Independence Influences Physical Health

A study cited by AgingCare found that cortisol levels in seniors increased when they had low self-esteem. Cortisol is a hormone that can induce stress. Consistently high levels of cortisol can cause a host of health problems including high blood pressure. Promoting independence and a sense of self is one way to boost seniors’ self-esteem.

Social Activity and Community Involvement

Having opportunities to continue to participate in the activities a resident values is significant for maintaining a sense of self. Royal Gardens offers free transportation to medical appointments, but also makes arrangements for fun group outings and assists individuals with planning their own outings. Camarillo boasts museums, shopping, parks, golf courses and the beach to explore. Encouraging residents to be active in the community fosters a feeling of belonging and value that promotes a sense of self. Assisted living residents do not want to feel isolated from the community they are living in. An assisted living facility should free up time that was once devoted to caring for a home so that seniors can more fully enjoy all of the activities they love.

Royal Gardens also offers a full calendar of social activities for residents so that it is easy to get to know other residents and make new friends. The social activities also include both mentally and physically challenging activities so that maintaining excellent health is fun and easy. Keeping seniors engaged mentally and active physically not only results in healthier residents, but it improves quality of living and gives seniors an excellent social network that is vital to feeling valued.


Maintaining a sense of self and independence as seniors transition into assisted living is vital to their health and well being. A sense of self often translates into a sense of worth or value. Friendships, social activities, and an engaged mind are all things that help residents feel valued and worthwhile.

The advantage of assisted living at Royal Gardens is that services can be added as a resident may require more care, without moving facilities. This allows residents to have the maximum of amount of independence and privacy while gradually adding in necessary services that aid everyday living.

The transition from a home to an assisted living facility can be challenging. The more a resident can assert their independence and maintain their sense of self, the more comfortable and healthy they will feel in their new home.