Royal Gardens of Camarillo is dedicated to the health and well-being of our seniors. We take the time to understand the individual needs of each of our residents. Our goal at Royal Gardens of Camarillo is to provide our residents the assistance they need to live full and satisfying lives, while helping them maintain the independence and dignity they desire.

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The Royal Gardens of Camarillo philosophy is to provide the highest quality of life possible by encouraging independence, enabling freedom of choice, preserving dignity, celebrating individuality, nurturing the spirit and involving family and friends. Our retirement living community fosters a feeling of freedom to all our residents while our staff takes care of their day to day needs. The amenities are endless thanks to our assisted living for seniors programs. Residents receive comprehensive health care services, as well as full access to our facilities, which includes: a beauty salon, library, activity room, four acres of outdoor spaces, and much more!

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We actively encourage the residents of our retirement living community to socialize with their neighbors and explore the city of Camarillo. Take an afternoon to enjoy the nearby beach, or get out to one of the several museums. With such a vibrant city in your backyard, we believe you should get every opportunity to explore it! If scheduling is challenging for you, we have a friendly concierge service available to everyone in our retirement living community!



As expected, promoting physical and mental health is important to our staff at Royal Gardens. The entire staff is well-trained in providing the best assisted living for seniors in California. Providing medicine management, meal plans, regular check-ups, and daily fitness programs, you can rest assured that our staff does everything in their power to take care of you.


Royal Gardens of Camarillo has set out on a mission to remove the negative connotation that is attached to retirement living communities. Once your dues have been paid and you have made your contributions to society, doesn’t it make sense that your golden years should be spent the way you envision them?  Royal Gardens gives our residents the opportunity to spend their time indulging in their favorite activities while we focus on providing the best retirement living community  and assisted living for seniors around.