At Royal Gardens of Camarillo, we understand that maintaining resident autonomy and independence is a crucial component of care. We celebrate individually and encourage participation in our Assisted Living Program, even when a resident has challenges with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). MCI causes cognitive changes that are serious enough to be noticed, but are not severe enough to significantly interfere with daily life or independent function. People who are experiencing MCI may need reminders to go to activities or assistance with taking their medication, but Residents often participate in their own activities of daily living (ADLs) with little to no assistance.

When a senior begins to show signs of more significant memory-impairment, they may require more assistance with ADLs. The broader term for moderate memory loss is dementia, which can be attributed to brain trauma, stroke, or a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or ALS. Seniors with dementia usually have trouble solving problems, doing daily tasks, and may even have trouble controlling their emotions. When these issues become great enough to cause harm to a senior who is trying to manage their ADLs with little or no assistance, The Meadow Community provides an environment that focuses on providing enhanced programming, lending to “better days” for our residents.

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Residents who are diagnosed with dementia are at risk of injury and wandering off because they find their environments unfamiliar. The Meadow provides:

Staff specially trained in the challenges of the various behaviors associated dementia, such as sun-downing, wandering and combative behavior.

A centrally located common area that is designed to assist our Residents self-direct to activities and friends.

A spacious, beautiful courtyard that is secure, so that our residents can enjoy the great outdoors. Our outdoor circular pathway provides our residents with a sense of independence and freedom, while encouraging mobility, strength and balance.

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With dementia, a person’s perception of the world can feel smaller, less certain, and less safe, creating behaviors such as withdrawal, isolation and depression. The Meadow care staff provide “better days” through one on one attention and programming. This includes:

Daily Exercise Programs-Yoga, volleyball and jazzercise are amongst the various heart health programs found in The Meadow.

Pet Therapy-Pets provide unconditional love and our residents enjoy weekly visits from furry friend volunteers.

Music Therapy- Music has been said to be therapy for the soul. The Meadow provides a variety of music therapy options, including the participation in percussion class, karaoke and “name that tune”


Residents afflicted with dementia often cannot explain how they feel; whether they are sick, or in pain or even frustrated or depressed. Royal Gardens of Camarillo has partnered with local Home Health Agencies and Outpatient Physical Therapy, to enhance our wellness program. With this partnership, our team takes a proactive approach to health. Home health care enables our residents to remain in their apartment and maintain as much of their independence as possible. There are a variety of services Home Health Agencies provide, such as programs focused on improving balance, room safety, endurance training, promoting safe bathing and dressing practices, wound care, medication review and monitoring and chronic disease education. Royal Gardens of Camarillo can facilitate these services, with a doctor’s order in either our exercise room or in the resident’s apartment. This type of senior home health is covered by Medicare A and is at little to no out of pocket expense to the resident.